JANUARY 25, 1947

August 8, 2004


I can't recall the particulars of Jack Blackmore's fatal trip. I remember what Billy McDonald said about an instance connected to it. Jack came to the airport for the trip, which was only a routine trip. Jack said someone had stolen his watch while he was asleep. He asked Bill to lend him his for the trip. After Jack left, Bill told everyone in the office that he didn't expect to ever see the watch again as he felt the the plane would crash. Someone spoke up and asked him he he was going crazy. Bill replied "No, I've never predicted a crash before."

Christy (Hanks)

October 20, 2005

Dear Tom,

For the crash of 25 Jan. 47, you can add the following:

On a flight between Guangzhou-Baiyun Airport and Chungking, the aircraft crashed in a mountainous area 120 miles south of Chungking. All of the three crew members and sixteen passengers were killed.

I don't know where I got this, but it was one of the websites with crash databases.


Ken Sanford

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