CNAC de Haviland Dragon Rapide
(In service from 193?-1941?)

This photo is from my uncle Emil Scott's collection.
Photo taken between 1938-1940, somewhere in China.
A good example, but I don't believe this aircraft belongs to CNAC.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Moore)

Blow up of the body/tail and the men standing in front of the aircraft.
Anybody know what the "cross" indicate on aircraft's body? German??
No tail number visable in this photo.
Even blown up the men are too blurred to identify, unless maybe your are one of those men?
Let the CNAC Web Editor know if you are in this photo. Thanks!

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May 30, 2001
I received the following e-mail from Miroslav Herold
"I'd like add, what the cross means. It was in red color and was applicated also on the Chinese Beechcraft 17. Both types were used as air ambulance.
More information can be seen in the book The Aircraft of Chinese Air Force in the Sino-Japan War published in Taiwan in 1991.

best wishes

Miroslav Herold

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