JOHN PETER BILLON (1920 - 2001)

(Captain 1944)
(Hump Flights - 216)

The CNAC Web Editor would like to thank Pete Billon for the following biography and photos.

Capt Billon is standing by a C-47 in both of these pictures.
Kunming -- 1945

Pete - in the cockpit of a C-47

Pete - relaxing at Chaing's summer home (Sikiang Provence) on a typical Chinese bed

My (Pete's) recollection was the spring of 1945. Several of us were invited to Chaing's summer home in Sikiang, Northwest of Kunming. A GI driver and van were assigned to us. The picture of Green and Mah at the missionary was on the road from Kunming to Sikiang, and, I think, it was called an extension of the Burma Road. Chaing was not there, but we stayed for several days and ate with his family around a huge round table. We were picked up by a CNAC aircraft after several days -- He landed uphill into a cliff, and took-off downhill away from the cliff. No sweat -- Sharp pilot.

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