BING H. CHINN (1904 - 1996)
also known as "P.H. CHINN"

(CNAC 1941 - 194?)
(Captain - 1941)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

I've been told that Bing H. Chinn knew how to do just about everything except how to drive a car. After CNAC, Bing lived in Hong Kong, later moving to Pacifica, California, where he died March 11, 1996.

The Bing Chinn and Nellie have four sons - Jett Chinn is one of them.

February 18, 2009

BTW, Renee’s Dad, Art Lym, presided over Bing Chinn’s wedding. I think it took place at the Lym home in Canton. A few years ago, Bing or someone sent Renee a picture of the event. I tried to scan it, but it was mounted in a deep frame so it didn’t turn out, attached. Art is the tall fellow standing behind the handsome couple, and Mrs. Lym is on his right.

Patti (Gully)

Art Lym's daughter, Renee Robertson sent a clearer copy. Thanks Renee.
photo taken about 1933 in Guongzhau.
Anyone have a clearer copy???

(Are you in this picture?)

Another photo courtesy of Renee Robertson.

left to right
Chin, Bing Chinn and Jack Young

March 3, 2009

Hello Tom,

Thanks for sending that page – I see that the bottom photo of Chin, Bing Chinn and Jack Young shows early photos of Renee’s dad in the background. I phoned Jack Young last year at his home in Montreal – he’s an interesting guy.

Bing had a bunch of kids, so there should be someone out there. In the meantime, here is a tight little biography of Bing Chinn that’s accessible online in the third volume of the four-volume China Airlift series:

Martin, John, Janet M. Thies and the China-Burma-India Hump Pilots Association. China Airlift – The Hump, Vol. 3: China-Burma-India Hump Pilots Association. Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing Co, 1979-92.

pp. 207-208

BING H. CHINN, born Jan. 5, 1904, Canton, China. 1926 received B.S. (U.C. Berkeley), commissioned second lieutenant, U.S. Army Organized Reserves. 1927 trained with Kwangtung Air Force (Canton). Flight instructor, Jen Chio Air Force Academy, Hankow since 1935 before joining C.N.A.C. as Captain (1941); flew Hump four and a half years. Stationed in tea garden 45 minute drive from Dinjan Airport; takeoffs at 0500. Preferred inclement weather to hide from enemy fighters. Eight DC-3s were downed one clear day over Fort Hertz Valley near Japanese-operated pursuit airstrip. Airlift/trip 20 barrels gold bars and 40 tins greenbacks (U.S.) into Kunming; 40 bags wolfram return flight. At war’s end, flew Fort Hertz radio station out. GIs there told him they were searching for 300 U.S. planes lost over Hump! Married Nellie Der (1932), has four sons (eight grandchildren). Currently board chairman of real estate company (Hong Kong).

This Hump “encyclopedia” might contain a few other folks of interest to you and is partially available online:

Patti (Gully)

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