CASEY T. BOYD (1911 - 1970)
(CNAC August 1943 - 194?)
(Captain - ???)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Casey listed his home address as:

(but I'm not sure what was crossed out and ???)
Casey T. Boyd
Clayton, Alabama

From the 1971 CNAC Mailing list, Casey had the following address:
Casey Boyd
Rt. 2, Box 52A
Lacey Springs, Alabama 35754

From Gene Banning's list of 8/31/00:
"... Aug 43."

April 27, 2004

Casey Boyd was a bull of a person. More accurate a bear of a person. He had more hair on his body than Elmer the bear. When he got drunk he was mean and bruising for a fight. He was a good pilot but too conversative for flying the Hump. He came back to Calcutta from the Hump wrung out and ready for a good drunk. Everyone complained about him sitting on the end of the runway for a long time before taking off. He had trouble working up enough courage to take off. The younger men got airborne much faster than the older pilots.

Casey lived like he had no family but he was afraid to die. I think he was a real loner. He tortured himself on every trip. York was the throw-up king of the group. Before a flight he would get sick at his stomach, while we pissed on the tailwheel. I have an incidence in my book about his conservative takeoffs.

Christy (Hanks)

April 27, 2004


Please add me to your list. I'll keep my eyes open for other CNAC related things that might pop up. I've been trying to find more info to provide you about a CNAC pilot, Casey Boyd, who retired here in North Alabama. I've contacted everyone I know in that area, even the post master, and no one seems to know him. Also, my wife and I will be travelling to China in 4 weeks to adopt a baby girl. We're going to Chongqing. Do you know of any CNAC items in museums in China?

Thanks very much!

Richard Hatcher

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