CHANG, CHIH-CHONG (1??? - 19??)
Forman Mechanic
(CNAC 1930 - 194?)

December 12, 2017

Dear Mr. Tom Moore,

My grandfather Chang, Chih-Chong joined the CNAC since 1930 and had worked a lot as the mechanic through 1930ís and as the foreman mechanic through 1940s, especially going through many events of the CNACís effort at war (i.e., the Hump flights).

My father, Zhang, Yunhe (a retired engineer on petrochemical automation control ) is a the oldest son of my grandfather Chang, Chih-Chong and is now 80 years old, and has been collecting information and photos regarding my grandfatherís records and stories and photos. We will greatly appreciate it if you could add us (my email: into your CNAC emailing list. (you have been added to the CNAC e-mail distribution list)

Sincerely yours,

Yi Zhang
On behalf of Mr. Yunhe Zhang (Nanjing, China)

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