Now known as CHU-XIONG ZHOU

(CNAC 194? - 1949)

Your CNAC Web Editor received the following note from Chu-Xiong Zhou.

Oct. 2nd. 2000
Dear Mr. Moore
My name is Chu-Xiong Zhou. When I was a co-pilot in CNAC it was spelled Chu-Hsung Chou. For short, people usually just call me "C.H.". I am very glad to get the CNAC flight attendants picture from the web site. I recognize four stewards in the picture. (Click here to see the pictuere and those women that were identified.)

I have also sent you the following picture taken on the last day CNAC evacuated from Shanghai to Hong Kong. At the end of the run-way: Lung Hwa Airport Shangahi. It was the middle of May 1949. As you can see in the picture I was in an American GI uniform with a CNAC symbol on my hat, which was placed on top of a run-way light. The picture was taken by another co-pilot Mr. S.Y. Hsung. Both of us were flying C-46s. The last two cargo ships to leave the mainland. Hope you like the picture.

(actual size of photo)

(This is much better)

(This is as big as I could go without more distortion.)

Chu-Hsung Chou
Lung Hwa Airport
Shanghai, 1949

Best wishes.
Sincerely yours,
Chu-Xiong Zhou

August 6, 2005

Zhou is now teaching Tai Chi in Everett, Washington. His students call him "Master Joe." Prior to flying for CNAC he was trained to fly P-51 Mustangs in Arizona. WWII had ended when he completed his training.

His wife, Cynda Wang, was a CNAC stewardess.

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