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January 28, 2010

The following bit of information comes from researcher Patti Gully.

From the Miami Daily News, Sunday, March 28, 1943: "The home located at 1748 Biarritz drive, Miami Beach, purchased by William Geddes Brown from Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morris, for $9,000."

You’re probably right to wonder if Ged Brown was killed in the accident of March 7, 1944, in Cuba. William Geddes Brown was born on 14 June 1909 in Cincinnati, OH. He had a wife named Kathryn, and two children named Barrie H. and Jennifer K. Brown. In 1943, Brown and his wife purchased a home at 1748 Biarritz drive at Miami Beach, and some time thereafter, he apparently went to China. On 27 November 1946, he arrived back in the U.S. from Shanghai via a U.S. Army plane. Mr. Brown died at Palm Beach, FL on 20 January 1994.

From a CNAC Personnel List from the early 1960's:
Wm. Geddus Brown nav
1257 NE 94th
Miami Shores, Fla.

Jeanne Stratford dropped me a note saying, "Ged Brown was a Hong Kong business man and Best Man at Dick (and Jeanne) Stratford's wedding in Hong Kong."

December 7, 2004

According to Erik Shilling's book "Destiny" Ged Brown "lived in Miami...Ged had made many trips across the South Atlantic and was hired by CNAC specifically to navigate our ferry flights from Miami to Accra, the capital of the African Gold Coast." p. 204

Brown was Shilling's navigator when he ferried a C-47 from Miami to Accra, but stayed in Accra when Shilling went on to Dinjan. Probably January 1943.

Bob Willett

February 2010 -- I believe that William Geddes Brown worked for Cathay Pacific in the mid-late 1940's; maybe into the 1950's.

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