VERNON M. GOODYEAR (1922 - 1948)
(CNAC 19?? - 19??)
(Captain ???)

February 2, 2009

Mr. Tom Moore:

I am looking for Vernon M. Gutjahr. Enclosed (above) is a copy of my father's picture from his days at CNAC. You can see his name is "Capt. V.M. Goodyear - an English adoptation/translation for Gutjahr. He has goggles on and over his forehead is the bandana with the following, "..with Jimmy Collins". Who or what was Collins association with CNAC?

He was in the Army and his Army Serial Number was 16006582 and his place of enlistment was Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My dad was born in 1915 in Appleton, Wisconsin and died June 14, 1948 in Mancos, Colorado as a result of an accident on the job site. He fell off a 75 foot cliff and broke his neck. He died instantly. He was buried at the Lobatos Cemetery, Conejos County, Colorado .

Hartfore Tomes-Press
Hartfore, Wisconsin
August 6, 1948

My uncles on my mom's side who knew him briefly said he was a very good mechanic and as a hobby he made neon signs on the side to pick up extra money. Also his nickname according to them was "Flash Goodyear", apparently because he could do things so fast.

I am now 60 years old and have health issues (heart) and would like to solve this mystery to leave to my 4 children.

Thank you Tom for all your efforts so far and I pray we can be succesful.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Vernon Dennis Gutjahr

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