EARL T. HEMMINGER (1913 - 1976)
(CNAC February 1944 - December 1944)
(He may have stayed even longer.)
(Hump Flights ???)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Charles listed his address as:

Earl T. Hemminger
504 Grifith Ave
Terrill Texas


(NOTE: Earl spelled the town as "Terrill" but I believe the spelling to be "Terrell".)

The following was posted on a web site:

"Posted by Julie Condrin on Sunday, October 03 at 01:10 AM EDT Question:

My father flew the hump sometime around 1942 to 1945. He was under assignment with to the Chinese Republic. May also be known as : China National Aviation Corp. He flew cargo planes. I cannot find any info from this area of service. can you help? and/or did you know my father, Earl T. Hemminger? He was from Wisconsin, living in Iowa at the time of enlistment. Any info would be helpful! Thanks.

September 13, 2000

Hi Tom,

I was very happy to receive your e-mail. I have looked briefly at your web site and look forward to exploring it more when I have time. I have been very interested in the CNAC, and have (when time permits) researched it as much as I can.

I have a few pictures, but will need to get them scanned. One is of a Buddha, and one is a hanger, from India I believe. My Dad carried these in his wallet up to his death. My Dad died when I was 17, and at that age, we tend not to want anything to do with our parents. I should have sat and talked for hours with him about his time in W.W.II. He served with the Royal Canadian Air Force prior to America entering the war. He then enlisted with the Marines. He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant. He was considered and "Old" timer at 27, and with his experience they wanted him to instruct new pilots. Not for him, he wanted to fly!! So, he resigned his commission and to avoid being drafted, he found out about the Volunteer unit flying the "Hump" for China through a Senator friend out of Oklahoma (I believe it was Oklahoma.). Looks as if, from your information, he did not fly for very long with CNAC. I don't know any stories about his time in the War. The only one I can even come close to recalling was about the steel plates they welded in the bottom of the planes to avoid being shot between the legs! My Dad did mention being shot at many times. But that is all I can recall. I have found out much about my Father through his Military Records, and much is very interesting. The personality profiles are the best!! It is good to know your parents are not insane!!:-) (Although, as a teenager, I thought they were!) So if you have an address to write to regarding his records, I would love to have it. (NOTE: I sent Julie the address for the National Records Center in Misouri.)

And yes, please include me on the e-mail distribution list.

I will gather the pictures and get them scanned ASAP. Some are with my Mom in Modesto and it could take some time.

Thanks again for contacting me. I am glad this branch of service gets attention, as it seems to be greatly over looked!!


Julie Condrin
E-mail julie.condrin@verizon.net

Stay tuned, more to follow...

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