JACK DONG (1916 - 1963)
(CNAC April 15, 1943 - March 23, 1945)

Hello CNAC Folks,

I thought someone out there might have information about "Jack Dong". The following is from Jack Dong's granddaughter. I thought someone out there might be able to help Tricia Dong and me, too.

Take care,

Tom Moore

I am hoping that someone out there can give me information on my grandfather, Jack Dong. He was a radio operator from Vancouver, BC, Canada and flew with the CNAC after the Flying Tigers disbanded (so I've been told!). Ced Mah knew him, and I was wondering if anyone else can help me trace a part of my family history.

Thanks - Tricia Dong

604-684-0622 (home)
604-789-7175 (cell)

This document is courtesy of Jack's son, Dennis Dong dennis.dong@olc.ubc.ca

Lorna and Jack Dong, my dad Ken standing beside sister Frances, and baby Dennis being held by Lorna.
(Courtesy of Tricia Dong)

CNAC Radio Operator Jack Dong
(Courtesy of Tricia Dong)

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