JACK AU (1924 - 1948)
(CNAC January 8, 1948 - December 21, 1948)

Jack Au was born in 1924 in Hong Kong and was a Chinese national. He joined CNAC on January 8, 1948. He logged 1,080 hours on the DC-4 and 402 hours on the C-47. Prior to CNAC he was trained by the US Army Air Force with 62.55 hours on the PT-16, 72.40 hours on the BT-13A and 106 hours on the AT-6. In addition he had 27.2 hours of night flying during basic and advanced training. With his background it is easy to see he was an ardent Chinese patriot. Being a Hong Kong native, I think he would be very pleased to have the PRC National Anthem played on his memorial page.

He was killed December 21, 1948 when his plane crashed.

Provided by Tobias Brown, Hong Kong historian and archeologist

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