This stamp-sheetlet commemorates the closure of Hong Kong International Airport (Kai Tak) on 5 July 1998. The new airport at Chek Lap Kok will replace Kai Tak. Kai Tak opened in 1936 and served Hong Kong for more than sixty years. In 1947, only three airlines operated through Kai Tak with a monthly total of 141 aircraft movements and 1,958 passengers. In 1954, as the existing terminal building was becoming congested, land reclamation commenced and this was followed by the construction of a runway promontory into the harbor together with a new passenger terminal. By 1969 the airport was handling approximately 2,200 passengers each hour and with the introduction of Boeing 747 aircraft, the single runway was extended in 1974 to its present length of 3,392 meters. In 1997, more than 28 million passengers and 1.7 million tons of cargo were handled at Kai Tak, more than twice the volume a decade ago. Some 67 airlines operate scheduled services each day; over 420 aircraft arrive or depart at a frequency of one ever two minutes during peak periods. Owing to its location in the urban area, any further expansion is severely constrained which has resulted in Kai Tak operating well over its design capacity. To meet the growing economic needs of Hong Kong, the government has built a replacement airport at Chek Lap Kok, an island some twenty seven kilometers to the west of Kai Tak.

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