MORRIS REED KNIGHT (18?? - 1999)

June 7, 2017

Hello, My grandfather was Morris Reed Knight who was hired by Colonel John H. Jouett, in 1932. My grandfather went to China with 10 other pilots, four mechanics and a flight surgeon.

He attended Army flying School at March Field California. And graduated from the advanced flying school for army warbirds at Kelly Field, in San Antonio, TX.

He has the record of successfully organizing the first bombardment division in the aerial annals of China.

He flew the Minister of Finance Soong in a giant Sikorsky. And later flew Dr. H.H. Kung. He also was Chiang Kai-Shek's personal pilot and friend.

He also trained many young Chinese youth to fly war planes to combat the Japanese.

My grandparents were married in China and my mother was born there.

My mother and I have been going through trunks of photos and items that pertained to his days while in China. We have been trying to identity various pilots in photos. He was close with Foxy Kent and John Schweitzer.

I believe they left in '35.

He flew for Chicago - Southern who merged with Delta Airlines with whom he retired. My grandfather passed in 1999.

I'm not sure if I have any information or photos that would be of interest to your group. I'm 50 and am trying to catalog and identify all photos. His flight books were donated to aviation museum out West in the 1970's. We are not sure which museum.


Kristen H. Page
Jacksonville, FL

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