LLOYD C. MCCLELLAN (1916 - 1980)
"Mac" or "Chesty"

(CNAC 1945 - 1946)
(Captain - ???)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

From Gene Banning's list of 8/31/00:
"... crew bailed out over Hump in bad weather, 11/25/44, returned OK, plane #106."
(NOTE: Date was actually the 24th.)

February 9, 2001
Received the following e-mail from the daughter of Lloyd McClellan, Abbie McClellan.

Lloyd McClellan (no "d" at the end) is my dad. He used to tell me stories about flying the "hump" when I was little, but I wasn't very interested then. I don't have a lot of information, but Mom has lots of pictures. I'll see about rummaging through her boxes of old stuff . . . and her memories. I also know several of Dad's old friends from the China days; although several of them are gone and others are spread around the country. This is a great reason to get in touch with them.

Thank you so much for creating this site.

Abbie McClellan

November 1, 2006
Here are some interesting detail from Abbie about her dad.

Capt. Lloyd C. (Mac or Chesty) McClellan flew for CNAC from 1945 to 1946. His passport, No. 56(!), was issued in Naples, Italy, on April 30, 1945, after he had spent thirty-two months flying transport planes in Europe. He then went to China and flew for CNAC for a year. After leaving CNAC, Mac was one of the three founders of Cathay Pacific Airlines. While in Hong Kong, Mac met Doris English (1920-2005), who had left her job in Washington, D.C., as
Sen. H. Alexander Smith's secretary to join the War Damage Commission in Manila. Mac and Doris married on July 26, 1947, in Hong Kong. Under pressure from the British government in Hong Kong (and maybe from Doris, also), Mac sold his share in Cathay Pacific in May or June of 1948, and he and Doris bought a plane, the Miss Hong Kong (I.D. VR-EEB), and started on a long trip back to the US. On November 23, 1948, they landed for refueling in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where their passports were confiscated by Saudi Arabian authorities as a protest to the Truman Doctrine. After being held in Dhahran for ninety-seven days, Mac and Doris were released without comment. They continued their trip home with stops in Beirut, Rome, Florence, Paris, and London before finally arriving in Emporia, Kansas, in December of 1949, and starting a family.

That's about all the detailed info I have, but if I find more, I'll send it on to you.

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