Birthday Party

April 13, 2013 Moon Fun Chin turned 100!!
Here are some pictures of his birthday celebration at the Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae, California.

Moon Fun Chin

Renee Robertson and Moon

Wong How Man, Jenny Lie, Gilbert King and Moon

Helen Chan, John Lee and Craig Chinn

Wong How, Jenny, Moon, Paul Shen and Lily King
Moon shaking the hand of Paul Shen's wife, Meize

Christian Chan, Metzli Campos and Matt Louie

Frankie Chan

Helen Chan

William and Jenny Zheng
Tim Toy in the background

Lilian Chan, Valerie Kendrick, Christian Chan and Stephen Loane

Moon cutting his cake
????, ???, Helen Chan, Brook Beaton and Moon

Brook Beaton, Moon and John

Moon and Fred Y.T. Chinn

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