ORR L. NIDA (1924 - 1992)
(Assigned to CNAC 1944 - 1945)

Lt. Orr L. Nida was from Placerville, California, USA

The following information is from John Kenehan:

"I recall a small lieutenant (Web Editor's note: probably Lt. Nida) who headed the Army rice droppers accompanying me once on a drop. After we leveled off at 16,000 feet with autopilot engaged, I went back into the cabin to visit with him. He was standing in the open door almost hanging out with hands crossed above his head leaning on the door frame just looking down at the beautiful scenery below. I walked up alongside him to his right. I have a powerful phobia of heights and got that strange powerful feeling in the bottom of my stomach so I just backed off until I could get a hold on the opposite side of the cabin."

May 20, 2008

We are in contact with the Nida family. More to follow...

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