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(Captain - ???)

February 10, 2003

Dear Mr. Moore:

I found your website on CNAC and read through the material with much interest. I am the cousin of (pilot) Joe O'Hare, and I often enjoyed his stories about flying with the airline. He especially enjoyed piloting the DC-4.

Joe O'Hare was a Boston native, born 12/01/1915. He graduated from Dartmouth University, and during World War II flew the Calcutta/Chungking route. It was here that he established his reputation as a pilot, which is why he was recruited by CNAC in 1946. Joe used to say that he insisted upon receiving his salary in US dollars, because inflation in China rendered the local currency worthless.

He and his family lived in Shanghai until December 1948, and I believe he invested in some property there. Joe moved his family from Shanghai to Hong Kong in 1948, and they subsequently returned to the USA. Joe continued as a private pilot for a number of years, and made his home in Camp Hill, PA. He died on 27 July 1996, at the age of 80.

His first wife, Anne, passed away in 1965; his second wife, Phyllis, died in 1998. I have posted your URL to one of his daughters, who lives in San Francisco. She may contact you.

Joe and I share the same name, Joseph James O'Hare, as does my father. Joe had five children, of whom two are now deceased. Thanks and best wishes,

Joe O'Hare
Silver Spring, MD 20902

If you would like to share any information about Joe, please let the CNAC Web Editor know.

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