J. NELSON PELL (1914 - 1947)
(CNAC 19?? - 19??)
(Hump Flights ???)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Pell listed his home address as:

J.N.B. Pell
Westbury Long Island N.Y.

(NOTE: Nelson Pell and J.N.B. Pell are the same person.)

The 1960's CNAC Pernonnel Mailing List shows:
Nelson Pell, pilot
either living or killed in China

February 28, 2009

Nelson Pell who flew the hump during the 2nd World War was born in 1914 and was killed in August, 1947 in a plane crash while attempting to land in Boston.

Alice Pell (daughter)

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