BYRON F. SHERRILL (1921 - 2009)
(CNAC July 1948 - June 1949)
(Captain - July 1948)

From the "Last Roster Of CNAC Pilots", dated 2 April 1949:
Sherrill, B. F.
125 Rue Vallon, Apt. 303
Hong Kong

From the 1960/2 thru 1956 lists of CNAC personnel:
Sherrill, Byron p
Overseas National Awys
Oakland Airport
Oakland, Calif.

From the 1976 list of CNAC personnel:
Byron Sherrill
13151 SW 71st Ave
Miami, Florida 33156

From the 1979 thru the 1981 lists of CNAC personnel:
Byron Sherrill AO1C
P.O. Box 48 1392
Miami, FLA 33149

From the January 15, 1989 issues of the Cannon Ball:

BRIAN F. (pretty sure his first name is Byron) SHERRILL
Job with CNAC - Pilot
Dates of Service - July 1948 to June 1949
Wife's name - Marian
Childrens Names - Craig (son) - Marcee (daughter)
How he got there (early life) - He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, October 5, 1!21 (probably 1921)
Canadian Air Force February 1941 - February 1942
USAF February 1942 - December 1945
Pan American November 1946 - May 1948

From the 2005 CNAC Mailing List:
Byron Sherrill
34 Country Glen Rd AO16
Fallbrook, CA 92028

November 10, 2011
I have been in-touch with Byron's family -- more to follow...

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