(Flight Engineer)
(CNAC 1946? - 1949?)

Bill Sturgess with the crush hat in the center-right
(Courtesy of Bill's wife, Freda Sturgess)

Lugguage Label
(Also courtesy of Freda Sturgess)

From CNAC Mailing Lists of 1964 and 1965:

Wm. T. Sturgess
CAT Taipei, Taiwan

March 29, 2010

Moon Chin remembers that when he was living in Taiwan, William and his wife Freda would drive up to have dinners with Moon and his wife, Elsie.

March 29, 2010


During WWII, Mr Sturgess was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Air Forces, September 1942 to November 1945 (not sure where), and post-war, 1947-48, he was a regular crew member on CNAC flights, Shanghai-Honolulu-San Francisco, where he served as engineer, attached.


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