Broken Bones

I broke my right wrist while roller skating.
My good friend Ken Littler took me to the hospital for repairs.

I spent the night at Ken and Chuck's place.

A few days later

Me and my mom

Second and shorter cast a few weeks later.

November 2003
Broken bone to little toe on left foot.

Some of you already know this story. But, here goes...about my cast and how I got it. I'm on the deck in the backyard, raising one of the shades. After raising the shade the strings got tied in a knot by the wind and then hooked on my left toe. As I turned, the string tripped me up and down I went. Skinned my knee and broke the long bone of my left foot -- the bone that goes to my little toe. I'll be in this lovely number for a total of 6 weeks -- 5 to go.
Now, I'm steppin off to the Sunny Side of the Street...

little tommy moore

August 9, 2006
While hanging a tapestry in my home the scaffolding I was on collapsed.
My left wrist broke with three splinters in my forearm.
I also shattered the calcaneus (heel) bone of right foot.

Click here for more details and graphic pictures about this unfortunate accident.

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