CHARLES J. WELLSTEAD (1909 - 1975)
"Chuck" or "CJ"

(CNAC July 1943 - 194?)
(Captain - either July or November 1943)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

From John Kenehan's list -- Wellsted checked out July 1943.

Gene Banning's list spells the name "Wellstead" and indicates that he was promoted to Captain in November 1943.

When Charles Wellstead died in 1975 this was his address:
Charles J. Wellstead
104 SE 11th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

September 2, 2004

I have been in contact with George Wellstead a nephew of Charles J. Wellstead. George and his sister, Chris, are working to find additional information about their uncle, but much of the families documents and photos were lost when the family home was flooded by Hurricane Donna in 1960. But, they will forward any information or photos, if they turn-up.

George and Mary (Hayes) Wellstead were the parents of Charles J. Wellstead. Charles Wellstead had his own airplane before WWII, which he flew out of Floyd Bennett Field, New York. Charles was over 6 feet tall with a sharp beak nose. His nephew recalls that Uncle Chuck or "CJ" flew for PanAm before the War. Charles was married to Betty Jane Marshall. Betty passed away in 1968.

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