From The Dragon's Wings

".... (Hewitt) Mitchell had an undesired break in his routine. As he was coming in to land at Chungking, the left shock-absorber strut of his Stinson came apart, and its wheel swung free under the airplane. The wheel folded underneath the aircraft upon landing, causing the left wing tip and propeller to strike the ground. Damage was not severe but took time to repair, and Mitchell now had a week to enjoy the pleasures of dank, dismal, sunless Chungking while awaiting parts from Shanghai. He stayed with Jesse Poole at the compound of the Socony Vacuum Oil Company, and he went to see movies that were shown free to all Westerners by the American gunboat U.S.S. Guam. He attended a show -- "a sort of musical comedy" -- put on by the crew of a British gunboat at the Foreign Club. The time passed quickly, and Mitchell soon was back in the cockpit of his Stinson, flying to Chengtu."

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