(In service from 1929-193?)

Loening Amphibian Aircraft
Tail # and name PanAm Delivery Date Construction No. US Registration No. Chinese Registration No.

"Harry G. Smith - first Operations Manager of China National Aviation Corporation, taken in 1929."
The plane is a Loening Air Yacht
(Photo Courtesy of Nancy Allison Wright)

1934 - Rescuring the Loening on the Yangtze River at Hankow, after a sever storm.
(Photos Courtesy of Peggy McCleskey)

Do you know this couple standing next to Loening?
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Smith, grandson of V. Eddie Smith)

October 19, 2001
Dear Tom,

Thank you for making such an informative site. I have spent some time researching the aircrafts of CNAC, Eurasia and later CATC. I have found a photo of a Loening crashed in Shanghai. According to your information, I can confirm it is the CNAC Loening crashed on Dec. 9, 1930. The photo is attached. It was published in a magazine called Liang Yo (Good friend). The Loening is named Shanghai according to the Chinese caption. All early CNAC aircrafts were named with Chinese names of places. The names of the two Chinese passengers are Hsiung Hsi-hui (Garrison Commander) and Yang Young-tai.

Best regards,

Clarence J.P. Fu

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Smith, grandson of V. Eddie Smith)

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