ALBERT MAH (1920 - 2005)

(CNAC June 1943 - November 1944)
(Captain - October 1943)
(Hump Flights - 420)

From Gene Banning's list of 8/31/00:
"... March 1943; made Captain Oct. 1943.... Al's younger brother, Ced, jettisoned a full load Chinese currency over the Hump when engine failed, managed to land OK in Kunming; returned to Canada bush flying after leaving CNAC."

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Al listed his address as:

BOX 133

Capt. Al Mah - 1945
Courtesy of Ced Mah

January 2005

Al sent me the following letter and articles to use on the CNAC site:

(back of above article)

The following is a page from Foy Farrell's writing.

Chunking, China, 1943; and the young British Columbia pilot, Al Mah (left) is busy flying the Hump, rugged supply.

May 23, 2005

I received the following information from a good friend of Al's, William Smith:

Dear Tom Moore,

I am sorry to bring you some sad news.

I was privileged to meet Al through our mutual friend the late Tommy Wong, (owner of Won-Del Aviation). I wanted to learn aerobatics, Tommy told me, “I have just the Instructor for you.” Al made me a better student. He taught me important things: a thorough preflight inspection, don’t fly by the book…fly to survive, close the ashtray before doing anything fancy. Later I flew helicopters in the US Army. I never had another flight Instructor, worthy of the high standards mentored to me by Al. When I soloed, Al cut the tail off of my shirt, I never did hear the entire story behind the practice…I was too excited. When I see clouds, I will think of Al and how much fun we had with our passion for Aviation. Thank you Al, for showing me the way. A humble student, ULC-8965.

All the years I knew Al, he was never boastful or a show off. Only one time did he threaten to play his saxophone for me. Lately, I come to find out, that he actually used to play the saxophone while flying the hump.

William Smith
Captain Albert Mah

MAH, Captain Albert. (Retired). 1920-2005. Passed away May 6, 2005 surrounded by his loving children, beloved father of Alicia (Rob), Arran, Heather, Hilary (Teru). We would like to express our appreciation for the tremendous support of the ICU team and the very special and dedicated efforts of Dr. Steven Cape at St. Mary's Hospital. Funeral service will be held Friday, May 13 at 2 p.m. Please call 514-630-4394 for location.
Published in the Montreal Gazette on 5/11/2005.
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Here's Al's favorite song
"What a Wonderful World"
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