ORLANDO A. CAMPISI (1924 - 1995)
(Assigned to CNAC 1944 - 1945)

Bill Gilger says, "Campisi was a Sgt when we were dropping - he stayed in service and made his way to Captain."

August 15, 2004

I donít know how long ago you posted the request for info on Orlando Campisi, but I served with a Major Orlando Campisi in Command and Control Battalion, 82d Airborne Division in the early 1960s. By way of identification, I can tell you he lost the thumb on his hand (right hand, if I recall), and surgeons replaced it with a little finger, which was a very new procedure when it was done. I always assumed it was done during the Korean Conflict era. Major Campisi purchased a new Studebaker Avanti and gave all of us a ride at pretty high speed Ė it was a great car. I was transferred out of that battalion in about 1964 or 1965 and have no further info, but I think his name appears on the Social Security Death Index showing he lived in California at time of death. Hope this info assists.

Marion Skipworth

August 19, 2004 Here's some more from Marion...

I'm glad to have contributed a little about Major Campisi for your site. I sent the info from the home of my son who's active duty Air Force (a C-17 pilot) so that's why it printed out as from Paul Skipworth. Paul's my son - I'm Marion Skipworth. My memory wasn't so good. I thought the Major was around a couple of years later. I can tell you about an episode: We were on military maneuvers during some very warm weather near the North/South Carolina border. We'd been eating C-Rations for quite a few days. Major Campisi (the acting Battalion Commander at the time) sent his driver to a little country store with $20 to get "something good to eat". The kid came back with $20 worth of sliced "luncheon meat". Campisi went through the roof - said he'd had enough Spam to last a lifetime already and couldn't even look at another slice.

New topic: I entered his name into a search engine and, in addition to your site, found some info about his participation in combat on Bloody Ridge in Korea, where he was wounded. I wish I'd known more about the man while we served together.

From the Monterey County Herald
May 24, 1995

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