(Radio Operator)
(CNAC 194? - 194?)
(Hump Flight = at least 1)

This Chang was the first radio operator to fly the Hump - on the first scheduled flight over the Hump. Joe Loh was the radio operator on the first exploritory flight over the Hump.

It is possible that this Chang was killed on the Hump, November 19, 1943.

July 16, 2009

The above Chang's (accident November 18, 1943) family sent me the following information. All the clues will come together, soon.

Hello Mr. Moore,

My name is Rujin. I recently visited the HUMP monument in Nanjing with my mother and uncle. They have an uncle who died during one of those missions. We found his name on the wall. All they know about him was that he had graduated from the chinese military academy and served as a radio operator on the flight that was shot down. After visiting the monument, I was deeply moved and sought to find out more about that side of my family. I came across your website during my search and was very impressed with the details and care that you have put into it. I hope you can help me learn more about my roots. I attached a picture that I took of his name on the wall. Hs name is in the middle. I don't know if that helps at all since it's in Chinese characters. Upon translation into pinyin, it would read Zhang qi yong. My mom told me he was a radio operator. I can see how Zhang and Chang can be accidently swapped. Perhaps, it's the same person?

Upon clicking on the link to the plane that was lost on Nov 19, 1943, I noticed that the place was a C53 #59, instead of C47 #59. Are they similar planes that are often interchanged? (NOTE: Yes, DC-3, C-53 and C-47 are basically the same plane.)

Thank you,

Now, here's another clue. The following envelope was on eBay, but I wasn't the winning bid. Another clue in piecing together the Chang history. Who knows, this C.C. Chang may be yet anoter seperate Chang.

The two dates are Dec 10th and Dec 28th. Unable to read a year.

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