JOE LOH (19??-1958)
(Radio Operator)
(CNAC 193? - 19??)
(Hump Flights - At least 1)

Joe Loh was the radioman for Royal Leonard. See I Flew For China page 204, and for C.L. Sharp in 1940 and 1943.

Chang was the first radio operator to fly the Hump - on the first scheduled flight over the Hump. Joe Loh was the radio operator on the first exploritory flight over the Hump.

Also refer to Wings for an Embattled China by W. Langhorne Bond, page 303.

Joe Loh was also the radio operator on the Kweilin, the first civilian passenger plane to be shot down, August 24, 1938.

July 17, 2003
I received the following e-mail from aviation buff, Benjamin Wong. Thank you Ben.

Dear Sir:

In the CNAC website, Joe Loh is stated as having died while flying for Foshing Airlines. That needs to be clarified, as he, along with 10 other men onboard Foshing's PBY-5A, should be classified as missing. The details of the incident is summarized below:

"On 1 October 1958, the "Blue Swan," a PBY-5A owned by Foshing Airlines, was chartered by the military to ferry 4 U.S. servicemen and 3 Republic of China (Taiwan) officers from Matsu back to Taiwan. It had a crew of 4, including Joe Loh (aka Loh Sau-Min). At 1820 after completing its only radio transmission to Taipei, about 80 miles away, it vanished. No wreckage was ever found, despite an intense 3-day air-sea search."



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