"Donald" or "Don"

(CNAC May 2, 1944 - July 1, 1946)
(Captain - 1944)
(Hump Flights - 200+)

The following photos, documents, wings and metals have been provided by Don's daughter, Linda Codrea Floyd.
Thank you Linda!

To the Sweetest Mother & Dad
In the World
China 1944

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Donald listed his home address as:

Donald Codrea
5142 West Blvd.
Los Angeles California

Don Codrea crashed November 4, 1944 in a rice paddy near Dinjan. There were no fatalities.

These items were in Don's log book:

Letter signed by CNAC's Chief Pilot, W.C. McDonald, Jr.

Linda loaned me two log books that her father kept.
Here is the first one...

Here is the second and larger one...

Signed by Doc Farrar

From the book, "China Airlift - The Hump", edited by James F. Brewer, Harry G. Howton, Janet M. Thies, page 213:

"Don Codrea, Rolling Hills Estates, Calif. (UU-U6, CNAC, pilot) says he has over 200 missions across the Hump and wishes to join the HPA [Hump Pilots Assn]. Hope you can make the Reunion, Don."

Don was born on July 18, 1917, Nicholas Donald Codrea. He died on August 7, 1993.

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