(CNAC 19?? - 194?)

Dan Frost
(Photo Courtesy of Arnold Schilperoot)

July 4, 2004
Hi Tom,

Don't know too much about Dan. I'm thinking he worked in Calcutta operation office. When I was in the breaks from flying I always stayed in Dum Dum airport hostel and would do test flying of aircraft coming out of maintenance and somehow he always knew when I was to test one and always ask to fly along. So he made several flights with me and one that gave us a real thrill. They had completely rewired electric system from 12v to 24v. We got airborne and just left pattern and was at 4 thousand feet when the junction box, which is right behind pilots seat, exploded shooting flames out around the cover. He was standing between the mechanic in the copilots seat and me--which put the box right next to his leg. I thought that would be the last ride he would take but he came right back for more. By the way the mechanic converted the whole system to 24 v except the junction box. Thatís why I remembered him.


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