ERNEST MCILWAIN (1916 - 1965)
(CNAC 1944 - 1945)

Here's another problem with trying to figure out the correct spellings.....

A 1965 CNAC Association List has:
McIlwain, Ernest p (p stands for pilot)

And, a list from 1960-1962 has:
Ernest McIlwain and McElwain. The "E" is written over the "I" with a pencil. I know that someday, someone will come forward and fill us in on all the details of Ernest.

September 22, 2010

AND, someone has come forward and the correct spelling is "McIlwain".

October 13, 2010

Tom, Thanks for your response. As I indicated, my dad died in 1965. I believe he flew with the CNAC as a pilot in 1944 and 1945.

My dad had several businesses over the years in Martinsville, Indiana, including an accounting practice. At one point he was a partner with Bart Hahn, who was another CNAC pilot, where they met. Bart Hahn died in 2008.

There were two children, Steve and Bill, and four grandchildren. All four grandchildren hold post-graduate degrees, including three practicing medical doctors.

I'll see if I can locate any pictures of his time with CNAC.

I hope this is the sort of info you're looking for.


Bill McIlwain

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