KIWI MUELLER (19?? - 19??)
(Purchasing Chief Clerk)
(CNAC 194?-194?)

February 5, 2001
I received the following photo and e-mail from Nancy Muff (, daughter of J.B. Muff.

My dad was born in 1916 in Minot, North Dakota and died in Calcutta, India in 1977. He was a member of CNAC by the time he married my mother in 1944, and before that he had worked for Pan Am in Africa. According to my mother's letters to her parents during those years, he left CNAC in 1946 along with Eddie Quin, the pilot listed as "Australian" on the CNAC web page. Eddie, my father, Henry "Hank" Smith (pilot), Les Ellsworth (CNAC purchasing agent?), and Kiwi Mueller (another CNAC employee) left CNAC to form an airline company with the Maharaja of Nawanagar - his palace was in Jamnagar, India. In late 1946 Hank, Les and Kiwi left the company and Eddie Quin and my father continued the airline. They eventually bought out the Maharaja and moved the company headquarters to Calcutta. My parents separated in 1957 when my mother, older sister, younger brother and I moved back to the US. By the time my father died, the Indian government had taken over many of the most profitable routes that Jamair Company flew and were in the process of nationalizing the airline.


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