(CNAC 194? - 194?)

Liu Pu-Tai may be the same person as Y.E. Liu. Y.E. Liu was an Automotive Superintendent - similar jobs?

The following article appeared in the Cannon Ball of December 15, 1989. I think the author was Doc. Farrar.

I moved to Jersey City January 1, 1950 and gradually became acquainted with the New York area. In Coney Island Nathan's is a tradition and occasionally I would drive over there in the evening for one of the "Famous Nathan's Hot Dogs" and fries.

One summer night approximately 1956 the cook who was frying shrimp looked at me and tentatively asked "Are you a doctor?". I agreed that I was and he told me that he was CNAC and worked in the Motor Pool next door to our infirmary at Dum Dum. I tried to keep in touch but he never responded. Another unbelieveable coincidence.

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