CARL W. CUMMINS, JR. (1922 - 1997)

(CNAC 194? - 194?)
(Captain - ???)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

A very young Buzz...

From the February 18, 1964 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Cummins, Jr.
330 Minnesota Blvd
St. Paul, 2, Minn.

Same address (as above) given in the February 1, 1965 CNAC Mailing list.

From the 1976 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Cummins, Jr.
761 Goodrich Ave
St Paul Mich (I know it should be Minn, but...)

From the 1979 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Cummins, Jr.
761 Goodrich Ave
St Paul, Minn 55105

From the 1981 CNAC Mailing List:
(same as above)

From the 1994 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Cummins
1700 Lexington Ave-302
Lillydale, MN 55118

From the 1998 CNAC Mailing List:
(same as above)

April 5, 2007


My name is Eric Elms, the son of Ted Elms, who you've apparently met/exchanged emails with in the past. Anyway, I'm currently up in Bellingham visiting with Bob Sherwood (the owner of this email address) and he was sharing with me a little bit of background on his friend Carl Cummins. So I looked him up on the CNAC website and noticed that you didn't have much info on him, so I figured I'd share with you what Bob's been telling me about their experiences together. Carl was originally from Minneapolis and he had been roommates with Bob in Dinjan, India. I think that's all Bob's able to remember right now, but I hope it helps fill out your website a little more.


April 9, 2007

I think Cummins was from Minneapolis where his Dad was a lawyer. Interestly his aunt Norah Cummins taught intenational relations and was my history teacher at the Bellingham Normal School, a teachers college. I then transfered and then spent 4 years at the University of Washington in Seattle. I think Carl and Bart Hahn were friends.


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