ROBERT B. SHERWOOD (1914 - 2011)

(CNAC 1944 - 194?)
(Captain ???)
(Hump Flights ???)

Robert B. Sherwood

The following letter with picture were taken from the Cannonball -- Winter 1999.

Left to right
Unknown UAL pilot, Show Girl, Bob Sherwood, Tud Tarbet

Here's a better scan of the above photo

September 27, 2001

In 1944 I was a flight instructor at Sequia Field near Visalia, CA. I heard Pan Am was hiring in San Francisco former flight instructors (the starting pay was about half what I was making) There were 6 or 7 of us getting a flight test in a Martin Mariner which at the time seemed big as a house.. I did some steep 360 turns with the instruments covered, Also a simulated forced landing. We were all hired and I found a boarding house. to stay. in . It was windy and chilly and I found that as a novice you helped the old ladies board the plane instead of flying copilot . I missed my wife, car and apartment in Visalia. and called to see if I could have my old job back. Told "yes" I went in to tell the captain I was quitting, he was busy , I waited 3/4 hour to see him, and finally took off. A year later I was in NY to apply to Pan Am for a job with CNAC, and was hired. In retrospect I am glad they did not have computers in those days.---Bob (Sherwood)

(The following photos are Courtesy of Bob Sherwood)

My Sikh taxi driver

Calcutta - October 1945

Calcutta at CNAC Headquarters
(shop, office)
Dum Dum Airport
(now Municipal Airport)

How about this great shot taken in Egypt...

Egypt by the pyramids
-- left to right --
Bob Sherwood, Melvin Smith, Andy Longbotham, Rolph Preus, Jim Tate, Hugh Chen (Chinese senior Captain)

(Here's a close-up of those faces)

Bob Sherwood, Melvin Smith and Andy Longbotham

Rolf Preus, Jim Tate and Hugh Chen

All of us except Chen went thru instrument flight school in Fort Worth. I asked Smith earlier if he had been in Texas before. He lived in Hays, Kansas and had attended a teachers college there. He replied "Bob, until coming here I had never been outside the barnyard". He was taking off for Kunming one time and Lowell Thomas, the well known newscaster was in the operations office to bum a ride. He went with Smith, was impressed with the flight, and invited Smith to look him up if he ever got to New York. Smith and I did get to NY after the war, and I asked him if he was going to call Lowell Thomas. He replied that he would not think of such a thing.

Chen was a senior pilot with CNAC and I think was on the passenger end. His wife lived in New England.


Bob Sherwood on the left receiving a set of wings from General Kuo Ju-Liu, Commander-in-Chief,
Chinese Air Force, Republic of China during the 1984 celebration of "Double Ten" in Tiawan.
(Courtesy of Audrene and Bob Sherwood - picture was taken by Bob Rengo)

May 24, 2007

We enjoyed your photo taken at the country club. When with CNAC I belonged to the Calcutta golf club formed in 1840 by a Scottish regimen. Also the swimming club. Maher, Rengo and I spent quite a bit of time there.


Tom, Audrene and Bob Sherwood
Bellingham, Washington - 2007

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