ROBERT E. RENGO (1920-1998)
(CNAC Septmeber 1944 - 1946)
(Captain - ???)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

From Gene Banning's list of 8/31/00:
"... hired Sept. 1944, arr Jan 1945, left in 1946."

left to right, top to bottom
Len Parish and Bob Rengo
Joe Hall in the middle
Bill Maher and Tud Tarbet
Note from Bill Maher,
"(the picture) was taken in New York just prior to our embarkation in February 1945."
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Parish Kendrick)

Wedding of Tud and Mary Margret Tarbet
November 1946
Left to right the men are:
William "Mac" McDonald, Reg "Doc" Farrah, Tud Tarbet (bridegroom), balding man in back is unknown, William A. Smith (in Army Air Corp uniform), "Red"? (in Navy? uniform), Bob Rengo (kinda cut-off).
Left to right the women are:
1st lady is unknown, Elizabeth(?) McDonald, Mary Margret Tarbet (bride), last lady on right is unknown.
Little flower girl in front is Pam Parish and the little boy is "DD"
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Parish Kendrick)

July 30, 2001
"Robert "Bob" Rengo flew C-46 transport planes for the China National Airline from 1944 through 1945. The flying was basically from Kunming China to and from Calcutta India. I was told. After WW 2 Bob and his brother Ray founded Rengo Brothers Oil Co. which handled Phillips 66 throughout West Michigan, and owned about 10 gas stations, and supplied same.

They sold their gas station business in 1980 and developed and supplied a large number of Airports in West and northern Michigan.

They sold the airport supply business about eight years ago.

Jack Rengo (cousin to Bob Rengo)

(Jack Rengo provided the following picture and obituary)

January 24, 2002
The following photos were received from Bob's son, Phillip Rengo. Thanks, Phil.



Hankow - November 1945
Unknown and Bob Rengo

Hankow - December 1945
Unknown, Bob Rengo, Carey Bowles, Unknown, Unknown

Nanking - November 1945

Nanking - November 1945

Peiping - November 1945

Peiping - 1945
Bob in a C-46

Bob and Bill Maher

Robert Pottschmidt (left) with Bob Rengo at a reunion (198?)
(Photo Courtesy of Carey Bowles)

July 30, 2017 Received the following e-mail from Bob Willett -- Thanks Bob
(you can find out lots more about Bob on his cousin, Jimmie Browne's, CNAC page)

Our family spent last week in the quaint little village of Pentwater, MI and while we were there we drove up to Donna's home town of Kaleva, where Bob Rengo lived. Bob and Bill Maher were long time friends and I understand Peggy spent some time in Kaleva with the Maher family.

Bob live right across the street from my Mother-in-law and it's where Donna and I spent time over the years. As we were driving around town we passed the only park in the town and I spotted the rugged features of an airplane in flight on a pedestal. When I got close I saw it was a plane made of metal pieces and mounted on a pedestal with a tribute to Bob.

Here are a couple of pictures--


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