(CNAC March 194? - 194?)
(Captain - 1945)

From a CNAC "Pilots Flying Time, September, 1947:
de Salvatore 90-35 C47

From the"Last Roster of CNAC Pilots, 2 April 1949:
de Salvatore, V.
610 Cathay Mansions
(telephone) 70070

From a "CNAC Personnel" list 1960-1962 and 1965:
DeSalvatore, Vincent p (pilot)
5221 W. 102nd St.
Los Angeles

From a "CNAC Mailing List (Corrected 2/18/64)":
Vincent De-Salvatore
3115 Via La Selva
Palos Verdes, Calif.

From a "CNAC Mailing List (Corrected 2/1/65 W.Q)":
Vincent De Salvatore
4148 Via Solano
Palos Verdes, Calif.

From a 1971 CNAC Mailing List:
Vincent deSalvatore
7015-78th Av. S.E.
Mercer Island, Wash. 98040

From the "C.N.A.C. Active Mailing List - February 5, 1979:
Vincent Desalvatore
8720 SE 45th St
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Shanghai - May 21, 1948 left to right
Maid of honor, Mrs. McDivitt, Mr. James McDivitt and the Best Man, Capt. Vincent de Salvatore
(Photo Courtesy of the McDivitt's son, Jimmy McDivitt)

Shanghai - May 21, 1948
left to right
Steve Kusak, Maid of Honor (unknown), James McDivitt, Mrs. McDivitt, Vincent de Salvatore, Unknown, CNAC Captain Len Parish and Unknown
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Parish Kendrick)

Except for Vincent de Salvatore with the glasses, we don't know the other people, place or date of these six photos.
Can you help???

James McDivitt and Vincent de Salvatore in more recent times.
At the de Salvatore home
Mercer Island, Washington - 1970's
(Courtesy of Vincent's daughter Denise)

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