(CNAC 1943-1945)
(Captain - 1943?)
(Hump Flights - 310)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Ray listed his address as:

Ray E. Gilliland - C.N.A.C.
Box 86 R.R.1.
Richmond, Indiana

left to right
Les Hafferkamp, Ray Gilliland and Ray Hilgert
(Courtesy of Arla Jeanne Hilgert)

November 23, 2000 -- Ray has provided the following photo and information about himself. Thanks Ray.

Ray Gilliland - 1942
"Just thought you would like to see what a real aviator looks like.
Actually it was just before a training flight at Purdue University.
I believe I had 5 students in my class that had rank from Ensign to Lt. Commander.
Waco UPF7 for aerobatics and formation.
(Photo Courtesy of Ray Gillilan)

Born March 26, 1918 in Richmond, Indiana. Started flying in 1939, obtained private pilots license in Muncie, IN. Received commercial license at Indianapolis, IN and flight instructors rating at South Bend, IN. Assigned to Purdue University Navy V-12 program. Left Purdue and arrived in India (still at civilian status) in 1943 to fly for CNAC over the Hump. Flew the return half of the 20,000 CNAC flight over the Hump. After 310 missions in the CBI over the hump, returned to States and was hired by Pennsylvania Central Airlines in april 1945 and merged with United Airlines in 1961. Flew 32 years as Captain with transition on DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, DC-7, Vickers Viscount 700, Vickers Viscount 800, Boeing 727 and DC-10. After 39 years of flying and 29,000 hours accident free, retired in 1978 off the DC-10's.

Married Joanne in 1946 deceased March 24, 1999. He has a daughter and two sons, and four grandchildren. In October 1988, he was awarded Chinese Air Force Wings and the China Service Medal. In October 1993 he was given a discharge dated January 1, 1945, from USAF China National Aviation Corp., ATC Group with the WWII V.M. APCM, two Bronze Stars, with Presidential Unit Citation and Honorable Service Lapel Pin. Christmas Eve 1988 a messenger arrived at the door and presented him with the DFC and Air Medal.

Ray -- Thanks again for the bio and photo, Tom.

Ray passed away February 23, 2002.
August 19, 2014: From Ray's daughter, Christine Gilliland,
"Hi Tom,

I don't have anything to add except in case it isn't in the official paperwork, he rests with my mother in Arlington National Cemetery. He received a full military honor service in 2002."

October 21, 2006

My name is Scott Gilliland and I had recently heard of the loss of Lester J. Hafferkamp, my fathers great friend. Both of my parents and Les and Marianne Hafferkamp were close friends through life. I can only remember a great friendship and love between families. My parents were laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary in October of 2002 with full military honors related to my fathers assignment with CNAC. Inscribed on the urn containing my parents remains is the inscription "With this Wing I thee wed." Great aviators, great parents and great friends I will always cherish the memories of both the Hafferkamps and my parents.

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