(Daley, Leary and Bond say "Paul" while Banning says "Peter")
(Technical Advisor, Assistant Operations Manager and Airport Manager)
(CNAC May 1933 - 1935)

From, "An American Saga" by Robert Daley:
Paul Groeger, who had been a German submarine commander, is mentioned on page 122.

From, "The Dragon's Wings" by William Leary:
... late May 1933....Personnel from Pan American's Miami Division who would accompany the aircraft (S-38) included Paul Groeger, former submarine commander and navigational expert...
and Groeger became airport manager at Lunghwa.

From "Wings for an Embattled China" by W. Langhorne Bond:
...and airport manager Paul Groeger sailed on the liner "Gertrude Maersk" from Savannah, Georgi in late May 1933.

From, "Airlines of Pan American Since 1927" by Gene Banning:
This would have been early-mid 1930's: Peter Groeger, designated as a technical adviser to C.N.A.C. was sent to Shanghai....
And this from 1934: Peter Groeger became C.N.A.C.'s assistant operations manager...
And finally in 1935: Peter Groeger was transferred from C.N.A.C. in Shanghai to Manila as airport manager.

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