GUY HARDEN (1914 - 1989)
(Ground Engineer)
(CNAC December 1945 - 1947/8)

December 4, 2011


Guy Harden was my father. Dad was based in Shanghai in the late 40s: December 45 –until April '49.

He was with CNAC at Lunghua working with Manning until 47 or 48 when he left to start his own agency. Manning relocated to Australia.

In 1949 he headed back to the US via LA where he visited Rossi and his fledging Flying Tiger business.

Dad relocated to HK later in 49 and was there until 79 when he retired to live in Sussex England. He and my mother & younger sister Frances joined a CNAC/AVG trip to China in 81 or 82, where they visited Shanghai, Kunming and Calcutta, ending up in HK where I met their fellow travelers, Jules Watson and his wife Peggy and Children Jane and Mark.

Dad died in 89; he had a close friend in Neumi Dillow who retired to Phoenix. Dad & Neumi last saw each other in 71 and I visited him in 2004/5. I am not sure whether Mr. Dillow was part of CNAC but they were friends in Shanghai. I visited his Paradise address, which I'll hope to do again sometime.

I copy my brother Guy Harden 3rd who is in Orange County and may be closer to any still living of the late 40s Shanghai CNAC crew.

I am not sure whether there is a connection here…
I am meeting in Beijing on Thursday a Mr Xu. His father supposedly was Zhou Enlai's private pilot who went on to a Mao era CNAC position. I hope to know more after that meeting.

There probably aren't too many of the 40s CNAC alumni left; Dad was born in '14; Rossi in '15; Watson also about that time; now, if living, all would be in mid 90s. I should have tried to connect a few years ago....

Not sure if on your records is Johnny Shoemaker who was with Pan Am and might have been in CNAC; he was born in Beijing to missionary parents.

Best regards

Dean Harden

Angle Advisors - Investment Banking
China: Cell: +86-159-0057-5511; Office: +86-21-6122-1332
USA: +1-949-273-4288

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