September 9-13, 2015

Once again, the CNAC Reunion for 2015 was held at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, California.

Eve Coulson - Tom Moore
Jack Young, Moon Chin and Pete Goutiere

Billy McDonald and Barbara Evenson working hard...

Nancy McDonald, Star Thompson and Cecil Folmar

Craig Chinn, Eve Coulson and Tom Moore
Always on the hunt for that elusive 3rd Generation of CNACers...

Angie Chen, Young Chi Tang, Peggy Maher, Charley Boyle and Eve Coulson (who, me?)
More ploting...

"And then we can..."

"No ploting here." -- Yeh, right...

Peggy and Angie
Wine will make them sleepy...

Billy, Kurt and Amanda Adison, Tom, Carol Slade and Eve
Look, recruits...

Valerie Kendrick
"Now pay attention, as there will be a quiz..."

Bernardine Bowersox, Duncan Ding (friend of YoungChi's and Liu Xiao Tong), EmmaLee Harmon (blond in pink),
YoungChi, ???, Frank Evans, Moon Chin, Greg Couch, Nancy Wright and Danny Lee


Amy Chueng, Young Chi, William Zheng, and Carol
"We are in such trouble..."

Moon and Susan Ip
"But Uncle, you didn't tell me there would be a quiz...?"

Jessica Li (Fao Chao's daughter), Fay Chao and Angie
"And BART will take you right to Craig and Carol's condo."

Moon Chin and Tom Moore

Peter Goutiere and Tom Moore
Peter and Moon, both over 100!!!

OK, faces showing...
Billy McDonald, Chris Bull, Nancy Wright, Eric Wakin from Stanford, Charley Boyle, Hao Chen and Lisa Nguyen from Stanford

???, ???, Angie and ???

Lily and Gilbert King

Susan and Allen Ennis

Bernardine and Ken Bowersox

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