BILLY E. STONE (1921-1998)
(CNAC 1944 - March/April 1944)

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Charles listed his address as:

B.E. Stone
Box 1188
Brownsville, Tex.

Last known address: Route 4, Box 261, San Benito, Texas.

January 3, 2001. From Jim Dalby

Re: Billy Stone. I have no record of a middle initial. On 3/24/44 Stone was flying copilot to Jim Scoff. The details of this flight is a long but very good story. Basicly the weather was terrible and at night. Over Yunnanyi, Scoff was informed that an air raid was in progress at Kunming and that all radio beacons, in that part of China, would be turned off so the the Japanese could not use them. An inexperienced army radio operator tried to give Scoff a bearing and ended up giving him a bearing 180 degrees off. To cut the story short they ran out of fuel and bailed out. Billy Stone was badly hurt and had to return home, never to return. Crew Capt-Jim Scoff, copilot-Billy stone, radio operator W.Y. Wong, C-53 #51.


Valley Morning Star (Texas), 26 March 1944
(Courtesy of Patti Gully)

May 13, 2001
Billy died about 3 years ago. His widow, Audrey, says she'll try and help out with information about Billy. Check back later for an update.

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