September 21 -- Had lunch with the mayor and went to Yunanyi. Saw Chennault's office there and the street that those early guys walked (1938-1940).

September ?? -- Boashan/Pianma/Dali portion of our trip. We flew into Boashan from Kunming, via China Eastern Airlines flight ???, and had a lunch banquet in Boashan, then by bus to Luishi to the ??? Hotel.

September 22(?) -- Leave Dali (DLU) on China Eastern Airlines flight MU 5988 via Kunming (KMG) and on to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) on China Eastern Airlines flight MU 5811.

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair's US partner is American Airlines.
China Eastern Airlines' US partner is Delta Airlines.
I found it impossible to register with the frequent flyer program with China Eastern Airlines.
Let us know if you have better luck. Thanks.

Part's of Amanda's Journal of China with pictures, September 12-26, 2010

Sept 12th: Saturday Night and very early Sunday morning (1 A.M.)
Depart San Francisco to Hong Kong (HGK) (Cathay Pacific, flight CX 873)

Sept 13th: Arrived in Hong Kong around 5:30 am
Flying over the International Date Line.

Our home for 2 nights -- The Royal Plaza Hotel on Kowloon Island

September 14th

Met at The Peninsula Hotel (one of the 5 most luxurious hotels in the world) at 2 pm.
Greeted by Peter De Kantzow (son of CNAC Captain Syd De Kantzow).
Invited to the top floor to the China Clipper Lounge (only the elite are invited here).
Went to the top of the hotel, on the roof to see where the helicopters land.
Also saw amazing views of Hong Kong/Kowloon.

Peter de Kantzow's card -- front and back

On the helipad on the roof of the Penninsula
back row, left to right
Peter de Kantzow (our host), Craig Chinn, Tom Moore, Ted Elms, Nelson Obus, Jeff Slade, Russ Coldren, Shirley Mosley and Bobby Goldsboro
front row, left to right
Yannie, Carol Chinn, Donna Willett, Amanda Slade, Moon Chin, Carol Slade, Valerie Kendrick, Bob Willett and Eve Coulson

Shirley Mosley, Valerie Kendrick, Tom Moore, Peter de Kantzow, Jeff and Carol Slade

In the Clipper Room at the top of the Peninsula
standing, left to right
Carol Chinn, Jeff Slade, Carol Slade, Bobby Goldsborro, Amanda Slade, Nelson Obus, Eve Coulson, Russ Coldren, Shirley Mosley, Yannie
kneeling, left to right
Tommy (Yannie's son), Tom Moore, Valerie Kendrick, Moon Chin, Peter de Kantzow and Craig Chinn

"Tea Time" at the "Pen", left to right
Tom Moore, Nelson Obus, Eve Coulson, Valerie Kendrick, Craig Chinn, Carol Chinn, Shirley Mosley and Peter de Kantzow

In front of the Peninsula
Peter de Kantzow, Tom Moore and Eve Coulson

Repulse Bay Hotel Entrance
Tom Moore in 1966 ------ Tom Moore and Valerie Kendrick in 2010

Valerie Kendrick, Ian Quinn and Tom Moore

(September 15 - 18)

Our plane from Hong Kong, Dragonair flight KA 70, at the Kunming Wujiaba International Airport (KMG)

Our home for ? nights -- The New Era Hotel

Yanny and Moon
Bus trip in Kunming

Kunming Museum

front of card and back of card

front row - left to right
???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ??? and Tian Jian
2nd row
???, ???, Diego Kusak, ???
back row
???, ???, ??? and ???

Angie Chen, Tian Jian, Diego Kusak and Annie Chen

left to right
front row
???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ??? (probably all staff of the museum)
2nd row
Donna and Bob Willett, Bobby Goldsboro, Shirley Mosley, Amanda Slade, Diego Kusak, Carol Slade, Angie Chen, (husband of cantata actress Madame Liao?), Annie Chen, Cantata Actress Madame Liao, ???, Petty Jiang and Tian Jian (in red)
back row
Carol and Craig Chinn, William Cheng, Valerie Kendrick, Ted Elms, Tom Moore, Russ Coldren, Nelson Obus, Jeff Slade, Eve Coulson, ???, ???, Ge Shu Ya, ???, Liu Xiao Tong (author) and Wu Shan, sponsoring Liu Xiao Tong to produce movie based on his book "Flying the Hump")

September 16th
At the north end of the Kunming runway.
left to right standing
Ge Shuya, Ted Elm, Bobby Goldsboro, Eve Coulson, Russ Coldren, Tom Moore, Bob Willett, Carol Slade, Amanda Slade, David Mesner, Craig Chinn,
Petty Jiang, Jeff Slade, Carol Chinn, Wei Ping (from KMG city hall), Diego Kusak, Liu Xiao Tong (writer/historian, "Flying the Hump") and Wu Shan
left to right kneeling
Angie Chen, Shen Hong and Annie Chen

After dinner we were invited to the Cantata, "Green Path and Rainbow--The Story of Flying Tigers and Hump. Here is the "Playbill program".


Hump Memorial in the mountains above Kunming
September 17, 2010

Lady Deng and Carol Chinn

front and back of card

September 17th
This is where Petty took Carol, Tom, Ted and I to her Aunt’s tea shop to buy tea.
When these kids saw us they asked their teacher if they could practice their English with us.
Of course we agreed and had a wonderful time with them.
Their teacher, Gong Lixiang, is in the back-right with glasses.
The boy in the blue shirt was REAL smart.
The one on the left who is on fresh yellow T-shirt is Yang Senwen. The tallest one among these four is Tian Xiaorui.
Now let's look the right side. The girl who is next to the teacher is Wu Mengqi.
The boy with blue coat who was said very smart by all of you is Liu Lanping.
The boy who is on red T-shirt is Wang Xiong.

September 18, 2010
Boashan/Pianma/Dali portion of our trip.
We flew into Boashan from Kunming (China Eastern, flight MU5965)
and had a lunch banquet in Boashan, then by bus to Luishi.
Then we started to Nujiang Prefecture and there our hotel is Nujiang Jin Meng Hotel

Our plane arrives at Baoshan from Kunming

Walking to Baoshan Airport

Moon was a "Rock Star"
Miss Ho (black glasses), Moon, Shirley Mosley and Yannie

Russ Coldren, Nelson Obus and Bobby Goldsboro
Rock Stars too!

Our host -- Zhang Heren (Zhang He Ren). He is Lushui County Committee Secretary


Russ and Bobby say, "Tastes just like chicken!"

September 20, 2010

This was our hotel for two nights - that's me, Tom Moore

September 21

Ruan Faqing (Mayor's assistant), Petty Jaing, Diego Kusak, Annie Chen, Angie Chen, Tom Moore, Cheng Jianyun (Vice County Mayor of Xiangyun County),
Ted Elms, Amanda Slade, Shirley Mosley, Bobby Goldsboro, Russ Coldren, Eve Coulson,
Carol and Craig Chinn, Jeff and Carol Slade, Yannie, Valerie Kendrick, Donna and Bob Willett

TV Interviewer - "Joe" and Tom Moore

Cheng Jianyun (Vice County Mayor of Xiangyun County) and Tom Moore

Gate at Chung Yuen - between Yunnanyi and Dali

From the China album of my uncle, Emil Scott
Taken about 1939

Ted Elms at the same gate -- 71 years later - September 2010

The Linden Centre

We missed the Linden family, but the Centre is such a peaceful complex.
The staff provided a great and relaxing meal for us.
Angie and Annie Chen provided Mooncakes for dessert.

Tom Moore and Lei Lei, our hostess at the Centre

(September 22-26)

Our home for ? nights -- The Salvo Hotel

Russ Coldren on the Bund

Tom Moore on the Bund - yikes, I need make-up for those tired eyes!

September 23, 2010
Ms Incognito…helping the Shanghai economy.

Special Awards Ceremony and Dinner on our last night in Shanghai
September 25, 2010

Watson Chong, Moon Chin and Joseph Hooi

Watson Chong and Moon Chin and Retired Singapore Airline Captain Winkie HO Weng Toh (English translation).

Watson Chong and Pan Yungting (Gordon Poon's son)

Now, a little help from Watson Chong:
"‘Poon’ is the British english’s translation of his Chinese surname.
Gordon as you know is his Christian name.
‘Pan Guoding’ is the hanyu pinyin or Chinese language Romanization of his Chinese name.
‘Pan’ is the surname and ‘Gou ding’ the given name."

Gordon's son, Pan Yungting, and grandson, ???

Assorted pictures of Gordon Poon

the group, left to right
Eve Coulson, Bob Willitt, Valerie Parish Kendirck, Capt Winkie HO Weng Toh (English translation), Craig Chinn, Moon Chin, Pan Yungting, Watson Chong and Joseph Hooi

Tom Moore

Watson Chong has provided many additional photos from the special presentation and dinner, which included a tribute to Moon Chin.
Watson -- Thank you very much!! Tom

Dinner later at the Gong De Ling Vegetarian Restaurant

Moon Chin and Watson Chong

Moong Chin and Capt Winkie HO Weng Toh (English translation)

(September 26)

Leave Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) on Cathay Pacific flight CX 365 for Hong Kong (HGK).
Change planes in Hong Kong for San Francisco (SFO) on Cathay Pacific flight CX 870.

Valerie, Tom and Russ loading up at Shanghai

Tom headed home to the Desert

Looking up the Banning Pass
We believe in wind power

The Coachella Valley

Coming into Palm Springs
I love the desert

Landing at the Palm Springs International Airport

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