(CNAC 1944 - 1945?)
(Hump Flights - XXX)

Received the following message from Fletcher "Christy" Hanks,
January 12, 2003

"Tom, I don't remember either of the Wus you mentioned. Eddie Wu was exceptional and I gave him landings. In 1978 I tracked him down as former professor of Archeology of the University at Hot Springs, not far from Kunming. I had him visit me at the Green Lakes Hotel and he told me he had been reduced to a janitor or less. I felt sorry for him and since I was on my way home I gave him a handfull of CN and everything I had in my suitcase. I think this act of kindness destroyed him as that was the last contact I could make with him. A mutual friend said he had been shipped out and became a nobody or was exterminated. Christy"

and this on January 13, 2003

"Tom, I don't know how long Eddie Wu was a copilot with CNAC at least 1944 and 1945. Green Lakes Hotel was the biggest hotel in Kunming for foreigners after WW II, next to the French Consulate. It has been doubled in size. Bar along side of it, where young couples could be served in a small room and make love. No place in the city was safe for that. It was there and operating the last time I was there.

Then the kids in the street who were too small to ride a bycycle the usual way reached their leg through the side and rode it at an angle. You have to see it to believe it. I tried it and busted my ass. Christy"

and to make it more difficult in tracking down all the "Wu's" who worked for CNAC, Christy tells me the following, "Tom, Apparently there are more Chinese by the name of Wu than any other. Christy"
Humm, must be kind of like "Smith" in the United Stated.

Unfortunately we have no more information on Eddie Wu other than what you see on this page.
Can you help?

If you can share any information on Eddie Wu, please let the CNAC Web Editor know.


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