HARVEY C. MAHRT (1905 - 1969)
(Pan American and CNAC(?) 194? - 1949)

From the 2 April 1949 pilot's list:
Mahrt, H. C.
610 Cathay Mansions

Last know address from the 1964 and 1965 CNAC Mailing Lists was:
1736 Eileen Road
Toledo, Ohio

May 17, 2007

Hi Tom

Talked with Isabelle Mahrt -- pronounced "Mart" Wednesday. We had a good visit. She and Harvey lived with my parents (Len and Fran Parish) in China for awhile. A great time was had by all. They had a little boy, Patrick, that played with my older sister Pam. Tom...in Tud Tarbet's wedding picture on the website....the little ring bearer was Patrick Mahrt...NOT DD...I goofed. (all corrected - picture below)

Valerie Parish Kendrick

Wedding of Tud Tarbet and Mary Margaret Barry
November 1946
Left to right the men are:
William "Mac" McDonald, Reg "Doc" Farrar, Tud Tarbet (bridegroom), balding man in back is unknown, William A. Smith (in Army Air Corp uniform), "Red"? (in Navy? uniform), Bob Rengo (kinda cut-off).
Left to right the women are:
1st lady is unknown, Elizabeth(?) McDonald, Mary Margaret Tarbet (bride), last lady on right is unknown.
Little flower girl in front is Pam Parish (daughter of Len and Fran Parish) and the little boy is Patrick Mahrt (son of Harvey and Isabelle Mahrt)
(Photo Courtesy of Valerie Parish Kendrick)

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