JANUARY 28, 1947

New York Times -- January 29, 1947

Capt. John Papajik, J.M. Blackmore and Capt. W.C. MacDonald (correct is McDonald)

New York Times -- January 30, 1947

From Wings Over Asia, Volume 4 (1986)
In this story:
Fred Pittenger, Red Holmes, Bob McGinty, Bill McDonald and Doc Hoey

Here is a partial list of the 26 passengers on this tragic flight:

1-2. Methodist Bishop and Mrs. Schulyer Edward Garth of Madison, Wis.
3-6. Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Vick of Rochester, N.Y. of the American Baptist (North) Mission and their two children.
7-10. Mrs. R. Miller, a native of Auckland, N.Z. and her three children.

From the newspaper clippings below, we believe that the one surviving male passenger was four year old, Paul A. Vick. Today, July 7, 2008, was very exciting as I found and talked with Paul on the phone. He will adding more to his page soon. Stay tuned...

China Mail, 30 January 1947

Nevada State Journal, 2 February 1947

(June 2013 - I found this picture on eBay. Paul Vick has the original.)

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