ELMER THE BEAR (deceased)
(CNAC 19?? - 194?)

(Courtesy of Fletcher Hanks from his book "Saga of CNAC #53)

Bob Jenkins and Ridge Hammell
(From "Wings Over Asia", Volume V)

October 18, 2005 - a better copy from Greg Crouch

Wayne Snyder and Elmer
(Courtesy of Diego Kusak, son of Steve Kusak)

Dick Rossi and Elmer
(Courtesy of Diego Kusak, son of Steve Kusak)

October 18, 2005


I know the whole story of Elmer the bear. And I do have a picture of him (her?). There was no picture of the bear in the plane. It was Cliff Groh who flew Elmer over to KMG. I'll get with the story and picture a little later.


October 18, 2005

Tom -

Bob Jenkins, who was co-keeper with Ridge Hammell of Elmer, thinks he might have a picture. Somewhere. When/if he digs it up, we'll get it scanned and send the jpg along.

Bob and Ridge bought Elmer out of a cage in Calcutta because they thought he was thin, scrawny, and pitiful. They fed him, fattened him up, and flew with him. They decided he was not clean enough, needed a bath, filled the tub, and gathered people and ropes to rope Elmer and put him in the tub. Roping Elmer turned out to be far less than successful, however, Bob was finally able to take Elmer by the paw into the bathroom where Elmer discovered the tub, and with great pleasure dove in on his own. Rub-a-dub-dub.

Jim and Ginny Feltner (Bob's daughter and son-in-law)

October 21, 2005


I remember, I remember. My uncle Russell had a bear that flew with him. My Dad always spoke of him and we have pictures. Just called my sister and she remembers pictures of him. One in the cockpit and another chained in on open area so he could move about. I will speak to my Dad later today. From what I remember the bear had complications from the chain around his neck and died. My sister and I will start looking for these pictures. Have you heard about a WWII flyer found in California in a glacier this past week. My partner told me about it but I did not hear the account myself. Will be in touch.

Russ Coldren
E-mail kruss@verizon.net

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