Someone brought some old programs to the reunion in 2012. Here is one of those programs...
(front and back)


((this was inside the program)

1956 at the Fountainbleau Hotel - Miami, Florida
all left to right
front row
Roy Rarrell, Roy's wife, unknown, Pappy Quinn
second row
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Bob Prescott, Peggy and Billy McDonald
Right behind Bob Prescott and looking to his right is Hugh Woods
To Woodie's right, with the glasses, is Red Knight and to Red's right (the lady without the glasses) is Red's wife, Alice Knight
Up and behind Bob Prescott is Don McBride
back row
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Fletcher Hanks, unknown and unknown
(we're still working on identities)

June 7, 2005

Tom --

I have five paperbacks entitled "Wings Over Asia" with stories from various pilots -- perhaps you have seen these. In one of them (Volume 1) there are photos of six reunions and happily the one you are researching is in it. The reunion took place in 1956. Although it didn't mention the place, it was in Miami, FL

Across the front row from left to right are Roy Farrell and his wife, next to her is someone whose name I can't recall, then Pappy Quinn, then Bob Prescott, then Peggy and Mac McDonald. Behind Bob P. is Hugh Woods and behind him my husband "Red" Knight. I am below him to the left (above the woman with the glasses). Robbie Roberts and Don McBride are also in the picture do you need me to be more specific? Other faces are familiar but at the moment I can't recall the names. I hope this is of some help.

Best wishes.

Alice Knight

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