ELIZABETH LAN (1925 - 2014)
(Chief Stewardess)
(CNAC November 1945- December 1948)

May 16, 2005

Elizabeth Lan (now Wei) lives in Honolulu. I had lunch with Elizabeth and her daughter Myrtle Ching-Rappa in April 2005.

A few days later I visited with Elizabeth and Myrtle at their home.

Elizabeth Lan was the trainer of this group of flight attendants.
Do you know or remember any of these CNAC Flight Attendants?
Chu-Xiong Zhou (Chu-Hsung Chou when he was with CNAC) identified some
of the women in this picture, including his wife, Cynda Wang.

1st Group Air Steward in training center, Shanghai
Chinese characters on left side of photo say, "Sept. 1947"
Front row, left to right:
Cynda Wang, unknown, Edith Wang and Betty Shu
Back row, left to right:
Mabel Shu, Penny Ling and unknown
(Thanks to Chu-Xiong Zhou for these names.)
(Photo courtesy of Chiu F. Tang)

The following scarce pictures are courtesy of Elizabeth (Lan) Wei.

Front row, left to right
Back row, left to right

left to right
Cathy Wang and Elizabeth Lan

left to right
Elizabeth Lan and Alice Dung

left to right
Elizabeth Lan and Betty Ho

Front row, left to right
unknown, Katherine Woo, unknown, unknown and unknown
Middle row, left to right
Lily ???, unknown, Margaret Mun, unknown and unknown
Back row, left to right

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